Racing at Golden Gate Fields
Racing at Golden Gate Fields|@GGFracing on Twitter

Bet Golden Gate Horse Racing: RT offers 4 SmartCap race cards for Friday, plus his virtual stable and more

Post time at Golden Gate is 4:45 pm EDT.



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Excellent Card at Charles Town tonight. Try to catch it.

Today I'm offering 4 SmartCap cards to accompany your PP’s for Golden Gate. If you’re on Twitter, give a shout out to announcer Matt Dinerman (@3coltshandicap) – a fantastic guy.

SmartCap's Golden Gate 1st.
SmartCap's Golden Gate 1st.RT
SmartCap's Golden Gate 3rd.
SmartCap's Golden Gate 3rd.RT
SmartCap's Golden Gate 5th.
SmartCap's Golden Gate 5th.RT
SmartCap's Golden Gate 7th.
SmartCap's Golden Gate 7th.RT
Explanation on how to read SmartCap
Explanation on how to read SmartCapRT

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My Virtual Stable

Sar 4 – Cobble Hill, Southern Bridge

GP 7 – Take Charge Dude, Vinnie Van Go

Sar 9 – Sugar Fix

EvD 8 – Aloha Betty

2nd Lasix Led At Stretch In Last Out

GP 6 – Free Flay

Rem 9 – Cherokee Cowgirl

Sar 1 – Slash Gordon

Sar 6 – Black Magic Woman

2nd Lasix Finished 3rd or Better Last Out

BTP 4 – Mayapretty

CT 4 – Castle Review

Dmr 3 – Mr. Right Now

EvD 7 – Unbridled Hero

GP 3 – Hard West

GP 6 – Free Flay

Pen 11 – Don’t Make Me Beg

Rem 1 – Red N Wild, Sir B B

Rem 6 – Canada Candy

Rem 7 – Dream Walking

Rem 9 – Cherokee Cowgirl

Rui 2 – Sacatone

Sar 1 – Slash Gordon

Sar 6 – Black Magic Woman

Sar 9 – Windracer

Sar 10 – Madam Deputy

Trainer 20%+ 1st off claim

CT 10 – Fly On Angel

Dmr 6 – Afleet Diva

GP 1 – Shakem

GP 7 – Vinnie Van Go

Mth 6 – Noon Time Gem

Sar 7 – Runaway Lute

WO 7 – Hit The Ticket

Longshots From Key Races

CT 1 – Gandari

LrL 11 – Weekend Delight

1st Lasix & Last Race <30 days Ago Finish No Worse Than 3rd


Maiden Claiming 1st Time Starters – Dam Won 1st Out

GP 2 – Emit (sire did and dams’ foals have 1 first out)

EvD 1 – Crooked Banker (dam never ran and only foal won 1st out)

Maiden Win But Was DQ’d


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