Racing at the Fort Erie Race Track
Racing at the Fort Erie Race Track|@Forterieracing on Twitter

RT and SmartCap pick the Tuesday race card at Fort Erie, plus horses he's tracking, trainers off a claim and longshots

Post time for the first race is 1:10 pm EDT.


RT Report 8.18

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Occasionally we post the SmartCap results for an entire card. Today, with two stakes races slated, we have chosen Fort Erie. We have added notes for each race. We do not post maiden races.

Race 1 – 5.5F dirt $4.5K claimer for fillies and mares 3yo+ NW2y

#4 – 1st off claim.

#1 – big class drop. best overall numbers, but last 3 on turf. Trainer 0% t2d and 18 <7 days since last

#5 – 2nd best overall, 9:5-4-0 at FE for $37K. Lone speed?

Race 2 – 6.5F dirt $3k claimers for 3yo+ NW2y or NW4

#1 – best overall speed, near best overall class. Best last. 3rd race this year at FE. Closer and stretching out. J/T 33%.

#2 – 2nd off layoff. Bullet work 8/6. 3rd best overall speed and class. 2nd best last. Speed. 6:2-2-1 at FE

#3 – 2nd best overall class and speed. 2nd best last. Last out in slop, toss that race. Cuts back 1.5F.

#4 – best overall class and 2nd best speed. Jockey not known for rating and probably go to front. 3 of last 4 on turf

#6 – best last 2 cumulatively. Returns jock who won at higher level two back. Flying late

Race 3 –6.5F dirt, $35K Thomas F. Moran Stakes for Mass bred 4yo+ On Dirt. Off Turf

#7 – far and away best numbers. Going for 5 wins in a row. Lone speed and will be damn hard to catch. $645K lifetime earnings.

#1 – second best overall class, speed and last. 3rd off long layoff. Coming into form.

Race 5 – 5F off turf $4.5K claimers 3yo+ NW2

#8 – best last. Last 2 on turf. Big class drop. 3rd off layoff

#2 – 2nd best overall speed and class. Best last two cumulatively. 13/21 on turf

#1 – coming off 2 yr layoff. Trainer 1-1 with horses off this long. Strong works. Best overall speed and 2nd best class. Best last? Could be of interest

#7 – longshot of the day – toss last from turf. Goes from 2 allowance races to this spot when on dirt

Race 6 – 5F $3K claimers fillies and mares 3yo+ NW2

#7 – just broke maiden and claimed. Trainer 31% off claim

#5 – just broke maiden by 17 with a 35 Equibase score? Pass

#1 – just broke maiden. 2nd best class speed and last.

#2 – best overall speed, class and last. Speed type. Trainer 25% off layoff, 33% with jock and has had good works

Race 7 – 8.5F $30K Molson Cup Stakes for 3yo+ fillies and mares

#1 – coming off win 7 days ago. Dirt 27:1-1-4

#3 – best overall speed and best last. Dirt 9:2-2-0. Speed. FE lover

#6 – best overall class and near bet speed. Next best last. Dirt 5-0-1-0. Scratch?

#7 – excellent jockey at distance. 2nd best overall speed and class 3rd best last. Dirt 12-3-1-2.. worth a look

Race 8 – 6.5F $30K Bob Summers Memorial Cup Stakes for 3yo+ which have started at FE 2+ X in 202

#6 – raced 8 days ago on turf.

#5 – 2nd best last. 5;1-2-2 FE record. Positive jock change

#1 – best overall class, speed and 5:2-2-1 FE record. 202 campaign successful.

#4 -speed type. Stretch out. 3rd best class and speed. Going for 4 in a row.

#7 – choice. 2nd best overall speed and class w/best last. 4:3-0-1 FE record at $8K per

Race 9 – 7F $24K allowance for 3yo+ NW2

#1 – best overall class, speed and last. 1 win in 34 tries? Pass

#7 – 2nd best overall speed, class and last. 5:1-0-1 on dirt for $45K

#5 – broke maiden at 1st asking and outran Equibase #. Great late kick. Returns top jockey.

#10 – broke maiden in last after 2 previous tries. More $$ than #5, but lower Ebase score. Odd. Jockey hot yesterday

Tracking Today

2nd Lasix Entered Stretch In Last Out

Cby 2- Westa Waverly

Cby 3 – Henry O’Henry

Ind 2 – Katie’s Day

Tdn 1 – Sweet Lemon Drop

Tdn 7 – Murtagh

Trainer 20%+ 1st off claim

PRX 2 – Maimo

PRX 8 – Quality Choice

Longshots From Key Races

FE 7 – Written

PRX 12 – El Fenomen

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