Thoroughbreds Wednesday -- McMudder at Delaware Park
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Thoroughbreds Wednesday -- McMudder at Delaware Park

More turf specialists appearing at Delaware Park. Mick wrote about Patrick Neusch and his ability to get horses ready for turf season off his farm. The other angle is the training center with good turf facilities such as Fair Hill. Fair Hill, located in Maryland very near the Pennsylvania border and close to Delaware Park, offers multiple surfaces for horses to use. There are dirt and Tapeta ovals along with a turf track and multiple gallops. Those trainers based at Fair Hill get to use all of these to get their first timers ready for the races. So look out for the long prices on the well prepared.

Picks for May 29, 2019

Hotter with possible thunderstorms. Hope the rain waits. As long as the storms aren’t to severe, turf should stay on.

Delaware Race 3
This wide open maiden race long on the turf is a perfect example of trainers using non-race track facilities to prep turfers. Arnaud Delacour and Fenneka Bentley both have two in here and Alcina Rawles has one. All five are trained at Fair Hill. When looking at workouts from Fair Hill, keep in mind that the training track designation is the Tapeta and most horsemen consider the Tapeta to be closer to turf for training and racing. The obvious standouts here are the two from Delacour, 3-Scoreswhenhewants and 7-Burning Man, both of which get top jockeys that are only riding selectively at Delaware. 6-Busster Von Trappe and 9-Mojo’s Louie Cat both look to get a piece of this one but one is a firster for a weak firster barn and the other is coming off a long layoff . . . Look for both of these underneath. The upsetter here? 4-Brewing Storm who gets Lasix and turf for the first time. The pedigree is awesome and odds will be right.
Delaware Race 3
$10 W/P/S 7-Burning Man
$10 W/P/S 4-Brewing Storm
$2 Exacta [4/7]-[3/6/7/9]
$1 Trifecta [4/7]-[3/6/7/9]-[3/6/7/9]
$0.10 Superfecta box 3,4,6,7,9

Delaware Race 5
5-That’s That is another turf horse from Fair Hill but this one is even more special. Trainer Richard Hendricks is one of the few multidiscipline trainers around. What does Mick mean? Hendricks trains both flat and jump horses and this one made a start last out over jumps! Obviously, she is fit having run 2-plus miles last time and gets a huge weight break with the cut back in distance. The question about her is not fitness but speed. 2-Sweet Lookin comes from trainer Hugh McMahon (himself a former jockey) and possesses an excellent pedigree for this undertaking. The rest of the field looks to pick up the pieces unless one of the A/Es gets in. The 12,13, and 14 are all contenders if the luck of the A/E goes their way.
Delaware Race 5
$10 W/P/S 5-That’s That
$2 Exacta box 2,5
$1 Trifecta [2/5]-[2/5]-all

Mick’s Quickies
Delaware Race 1
4-My Beau looks well placed to upset this short field. He comes from a 39% firster barn and gets a weight break with the bug.

Delaware Race 7
4-Hyperlapse is bred for this and the recent Charles Town race appears to be a tightener. Jump trainer here to win.

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