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Thoroughbreds: RT picks the card for opening day at Indiana Grand

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April 16, 2019

Before you read today’s selections, I want to ask a favor, and this will only be asked once.

Imagine taking your child to the mall and this happens –

This past Friday, a woman and her son were in front of The Rainforest Café at the Mall of America. This restaurant is on the third floor and if you were to park in any ramp on the third level, it’s a steady, round and round drive to get to this upper deck. The scale is imposing, and frankly, impressive, as you near the mall.

Standing there with her son, a stranger walked up and said, “should you move.” The mother turns to the stranger and in an instant, this pos grabs her 5-year-old boy and throws him off the third floor and down this massive drop – approximately forty feet. It’s equivalent to being on the fourth floor of any building and looking down. You think to yourself, “holy___.”

I live nearby and if you saw the size of this drop, in person, you would understand why it’s nothing short of a miracle how this 5-year-old boy has survived. Today, the Bloomington police made a statement telling of how this pile of garbage went to the Mall looking for someone to kill. He is one of those incompetents who cannot handle rejection and life in general. The type who, so often as random murderers do, take their bitterness out on someone . . . .anyone. But, to grab a kid and do that? There is a special place for people like that . . . in prison where he will suffer unmitigated, unparalleled and untrialed rape, torture and injuries from beatings. Good.

A gofundme collection has started and I have donated. I can only imagine the long-term costs that will be foisted upon this family and it’s from simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course, as you know, it is your choice to be a part, or not; however, at least please send this link to others.

On a personal note, when my children were young, we went to the Mall of America many times. It’s very unsettling to think this could have just as easily happened to them.

Thank you.


Indiana Grand Race 2
$5K State Bred Claimers NW2 6f

The Skinny:
Seven entrants and four are off long layoffs. Of the three who are not, none have my confidence.

The two favorites are going to be 1-Auction Light (9/5) and 2-Crimson Bandit (8/5).

Leaning to Crimson Bandit for personal reasons (sent my daughter there and they bandit’d me), trainer Kim Hammond (44%), has this gelding well positioned for the win. Bandit was rested from November of last year until bringing him out on March 12th. Like Richard Milhous Nixon, he is Tanned. Rested. Ready. His six workouts since mid-March have demonstrated an upward incline of improvement with his last being a bullet 5f of 1:00 4/10ths for 5f. Crimson Bandit has eight starts at Indiana Grand getting one win and three itm’s, for a total of $33K, or a $4110 average per time race. The next closest is $1804/start.
Indiana Downs race 2 Bets
2 - $20/w $40/p
$2 Exacta Box 2-1-6
$1 Trifecta 1-6/1-6-4/1, 1-6/2/1-6-4, 2/1-6/1-6-2

Indiana Grand Race 3
$31K MSW State Bred F&M going 5.5f

The Skinny:

2-Wedding Belle (5/1) has been showing excellent works of late. She has been on the bench since September and her only start then was a $138K msw, throwing up a red flag of her possible worth. Her sire, Istan, is a graded stakes winner and her dam, Wedding, has birthed 5 horses for 44 starts, 10 wins and 21 itm finishes, earning a 23% win rate an 44% itm. At 5/1, she is an overlay and will take the lead from the onset (symptomatic of 1st blinkers) and not turn back.

6-Chaos (9/2) ships in from Mahoning Valley where her last out was a game effort rallying from off the pace to close within .75 lengths. What makes that noteworthy is Mahoning Valley is typically a speed bias track and appears that the horses are running with cement boots. The ease of Indiana Downs, should be an easier trip.

5-Krunch (8/1) 1st time starter, 1st time Lasix, this lady has recent bullet works and a sire that has a 20% win rate. As a rule of thumb, when there’s a first time starter with first Lasix and recent agreeable gate works, keep a sharp eye on the tote board. If it starts to drop, click win or take your Benjamin’s to the window.

Indiana Grand Race 3 Bets
2- $20w/$40p
Exacta box the 2-6-5

The rest of the card :
Race 4, 8-Magical Peapod (6/1) big win last out and recent speedy works

Race 5, 1-Destiny’s Darling (8/1) class drop, brisk works, positive turn back and jockey change

Race 6, 10-Pass the Mic (5/1) she outran her par last out and showed early speed

Race 7, 9-Uphold (8/1) early speed and outside post will be a benefit

Race 8, 9-Marilyn Mongo (3/1) lots of speed in front suits her closing style

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