Roland Massimino at the Dothan qualifier
Roland Massimino at the Dothan qualifier|@PGATOURCanada on Twitter

Bet Golf! Kern picks the PGA National Champion Course 1-Day Event on the Minor League Golf Tour and makes the case to bet Roland Massimino

It really doesn’t have a name, since that’s where it’s being played, at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, where the PGA Tour’s Honda Classic is held.

Mike Kern

Mike Kern

OK, all you people who need to make a bet out there (and you obviously know who you are by now), we have come up with another golf tournament that’s going on, this time in Florida. And since the Parx website has posted odds for the just over 70 guys who are scheduled to tee it up, well we’ll try to give you a few observations that might even turn out to be helpful. Hey you never know.

It’s called the PGA Champion Course 1-day Event. Which means it really doesn’t have a name, since that’s where it’s being played, at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, where the PGA Tour’s Honda Classic is held. It’s really hard to find decent info on this or any of the so-called minor-league stuff that continues on during the crisis. I can only assume that they are taking all the necessary precautions to try and make sure as best they can that the health risks have been limited if not totally eliminated.

Welcome to the new world realities, at least for the time being.

This much I do know: Dan McCarthy, who played on the Korn Ferry Tour (the Triple-A of pro golf), is the favorite, at 6-1. I would love to meet the experts who come up with these numbers, just to see how they arrive at something that seems from the outside hard to gauge. But I’m sure they know pretty much what they’re doing, because that’s their business. I’m also pretty sure that if you took the time to research this thing enough, and that won’t be easy, you could probably come up with a player or two, or likely even more, whose odds just don’t seem right. Go for it. And by the way, your fave has some 50 victories on his veteran resume.

I will tell you this much: Sunny Kim, who’s next at 7-1, just shot a 59 at another event like this, also in the Sunshine State, to win. It wasn’t his first win. But I guess asking somebody to do something like that back to back isn’t easy.

For all you Villanova basketball fans paying attention, Josh Hart is going off at 25-1. Of course it’s a different Josh Hart, but that could always be a karma kind of thing. And sometimes that actually works.

I recognized the name of Olin Brown, Jr., since his dad was once a player on the PGA Tour. But that’s as far as I’ll go with that. He’s 33-1.

Rob Snyder is the highest odds, at 350-1. Which might be worth like a two-buck bet except for the facet that he seems to be 350-1 for a very sound reason.

But here’s the one I’d really like to throw at you, for reasons that don’t need much explaining. Roland Massimino is the 22-year old grandson of Rollie, the great Villanova basketball coach and is at 33-1. He grew up in Lumberville, Pa., and played collegiately at Kansas State. He just turned pro last year, but already has a win and three top six finishes. So if you’re from Philly, unless maybe you’re a Saint Joseph’s fan, you almost have to put something on him, right?

I wish I could give you more, but it was hard enough coming up with that much. All we can do is try. I hope if you do back someone that they make it pay off. Regardless of the event, there’s never anything wrong with cashing in.

Until the next minor thing pops up, please try to stay safe. Win or lose, that’s really what counts.

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