How CS:GO betting is more fun than betting on sports

Counter Strike:Global Offensive is gaining players again thanks to eSports wagering.

The video game Counter Strike:Global Offensive is a real hit, or was a real hit. At its peak, the number of players playing was 1,305,714. Right now the game is averaging around 579K players.

The average in May last year was around 660K and it looked like the game was dying. In some months the performance was worse, just like stock prices. All the data extracted is from steamcharts.com.

But actually the future for CS:GO is now looking bright with the average climbing higher and higher compared to previous years. It’s the active player base that keeps the game and everything around it alive and sparkling.

Also, the CS:GO esport betting scene is very alive and active. With new teams joining regularly and more money being won than ever. Some people might confuse the terms “cs:go gamble” and “cs:go betting”. Both are very interesting but very different. Betting is really making a bet on a team or player, while gambling is using cosmetics or money to obtain better and more expensive cosmetics. Gambling happens through 3-party sites, and so does CS:GO betting, it happens through the csgo betting sites. Both practices are not delivered or distributed by Valve (the creator of the game).

What are the key differences between sports and esports betting?

One of the differences is that betting on csgo teams or players feels very different from betting on a sports team or player. Often betting on a sports team is quite distant, with the main intention of making some cash. With betting on esport teams it's more personal and connected. It feels more passion-driven rather than driven by monetary gain. Also it is something that is widely discussed online and is less of a taboo.

Another key difference is the odds. The odds of winning a sports event is small compared to something like the csgo odds. The cs:go odds are way higher since there is only a small number of players or teams playing, which make it very easy to make an educated guess on who will win next. However, do know that no one can accurately predict the future.

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