The Washington Justice battle Seoul Dynasty in Saturday action. 
The Washington Justice battle Seoul Dynasty in Saturday action. Blizzard Entertainment

eSports: Analysis & picks for Sunday Overwatch League matches

Stage 1 Week 4
Fourth night: Sunday 3/10/19

Match 1: Paris Eternal vs San Fransisco Shock
The shock are looking much better since earlier weeks and Paris is inconsistent right now, both teams are fighting for a chance in playoffs but the Shock look like the better team.
Pick: Shock 3-1

Match 2: London Spitfire vs Shanghai Dragons
London is looking better since their first couple matches, Shanghai can’t make stage playoffs but London has a good chance and they will be fighting a lot harder. Gesture has been a mediocre main tank but the rest of the team has been stepping up.
Pick: Spitfire

Match 3: Florida Mayhem vs Boston Uprising
Florida can not longer make it into the stage playoffs and Boston needs a miracle. Next stage Boston should do better with Fusions as main tank, but I think that the Mayhem will take the win this time.
Pick: Mayhem

Match 4: Vancouver Titans vs Chengdu Hunters
The Hunters have been very predictable in there play-style and Vancouver is a powerhouse of a team. No way Vancouver loses.
Pick: Titans 4-0

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