Florida Mayhem Team Logo, Overwatch League
Florida Mayhem Team Logo, Overwatch LeagueBlizzard Entertainment

eSports: Analysis and picks for Saturday Overwatch League matches

Stage 1 Week 3
Third night: Saturday 3/2/19

Match 1: Paris Eternal vs Atlanta Reign
Both of these teams look extremely strong and both are currently top five in stage one standings, both teams have extremely strong tank lines and very impressive dps stars. Paris is benefiting a lot from the current meta and look better than Atlanta in this meta. Pick: Eternal 3-2

Match 2: Florida Mayhem vs Houston Outlaws
Florida has started to look more and more like a team, and Houston still looks like a mess with a lot of problems, I don’t think Houston will get any more wins this stage, maybe next stage.
Pick: Mayhem 3-1

Match 3: San Francisco Shock vs Washington Justice
Even though the Shock appear to be overrated the Justice just aren’t that good, I have said it a lot, Washington built a team around a ver mediocre tank player, Shock is just a better team
Pick: Shock 3-1

Match 4: Shanghai Dragons vs Dallas Fuel
Shanghai coming off there first sweep ever was very exciting but this match should be much tougher for them, Dallas is the definition of inconsistent, Ether team could win this game. But I think that Shanghai just looked really good in there last match.
Pick: Dragons 3-2

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