OWL play continues tonight and through the weekend.
OWL play continues tonight and through the weekend.Overwatchleague.com

eSports: Analysis and picks for Thursday Overwatch League matches

Will the return of Boombox help the Philadelphia Fusion get it together after two losses last week?

Stage 1 Week 3
First night: Thursday 2/28/19

Match 1: Philadelphia Fusion vs Washington Justice
The Fusion are currently showing off what they were good at last year, being extremely inconsistent. The Justice are one of the two teams who still do not have a match win and for a good reason, they tried building a team off of a decent main tank with unproven and mediocre talent. They were able to take a map off of New York and they almost beat London. Philadelphia should take the series 3-1but that may depend on the return of Boombox from illness. They appear to be a very different (and better) side with him in the lineup.

Match 2: Seoul Dynasty vs Boston Uprising
Even though Boston lost to Shanghai, it was as a result of a rule snafu which impacted their Main Tank, Fusions. The Uprising should have beaten the Dragons with Fusions but they didn’t as a result of the snafu. I don’t think his play will change the outcome of this match since Seoul looks like a dominant team and Fissure looks like a top Main Tank right now. Seoul 3-1with Fissure being the difference.

Match 3: Florida Mayhem vs Guangzhou Charge
Guangzhou may be the most surprising team so far -- they swept Dallas, and they took Vancouver to a map 5. They seem to have gotten over their mistake in week 1 and are looking like a surprisingly strong opponent with balanced play and no gaping holes. Florida on the other hand is another extremely inconsistent team, it seems like their win condition looks like BQB’s Zarya, Florida looks better than last year but I don’t think they will be a top contender. Guangzhou 3-1to continue their surprising start.

Match 4: San Francisco Shock vs Hangzhou Spark
With Hangzhou proving to be another inconsistent team and the Shock looking over-hyped. this looks like a close match between underwhelming teams. The Shock have not really proven themselves this season and even though the Spark are looking rocky, they have had better games and wins. Spark 3-2 with every map being close. This one may take a while to get done.

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