Brigitte from Overwatch
Brigitte from OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment

eSports: Basting picks the Saturday OWL matches

Matches start at 3 pm

Overwatch League
Stage 1 Week 2
Third night: Saturday 2/23/19

Match 1: Los Angeles Gladiators (-115) vs Paris Eternal(-125)
Paris is looking like a strong GOATS team which will help in this meta. Gladiators improved some of their individual talent since last season. Paris should be a top team and Gladiators should be towards the top. This will be a good match but Paris should win 3-1.

Match 2: Philadelphia Fusion(-265) vs Dallas Fuel (+165)
After the Fusion’s last match some people are having second thoughts about their strength. The Fusion played a Mayhem team who had their carries step up and the Fusion had a sub in with little to no past chemistry. Dallas is a okay team with poor supports. Fusion 3-1.

Match 3: Vancouver Titans (-425) vs Guangzhou Charge (+265)
Vancouver even in just one game proved they would be one of the best teams in the league. Even though I do like the Charge, I don’t think the charge can win this but they should make it close. Vancouver 3-1.

Match 4: Chengdu Hunters (+140) vs Florida Mayhem (-185)
If this match was 2 days before I would say don’t even watch this even if you were paid for it. But after Florida proved they were a team to not be taken lightly they look like a solid team of newcomers that play well together. Chengdu on the other hand got completely destroyed by the Dallas Fuel, I think that Florida will win fairly easily. Florida 3-1.

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