‘Dispatches From Elsewhere’: New AMC series starring Jason Segel a ‘love letter to Philadelphia’
Jason Segal and Andre 3000 in 'Dispatches From Elsewhere'AMC

‘Dispatches From Elsewhere’: New AMC series starring Jason Segel a ‘love letter to Philadelphia’

The show’s stars have a message for the world: ‘Philly Rocks!’

Dispatches From Elsewhere, Jason Segel’s first weekly TV series since How I Met Your Mother ended its 10-season, ratings-dominating run, is shaping up to be more than just another potential “water cooler” program. According to a newly released video, the show, which premieres Sunday at 10:08 p.m. on AMC, and which has been described as boasting a “trippy,” conspiracy-theory-dipped plot, is also an extended commercial for the many wonders, joys and glories of Philadelphia.

“In a way, the show is a love letter to Philadelphia,” proclaims executive producer Jeff Freilich in the 3-minute, 43-second video that was released Monday by AMC. Freilich also praised Philly for its dedication to the arts.

“Philadelphia, more than any other city in the country I know embraces folk art, street art, murals, mosaics, festivals,” he says. “It encourages people to exhibit their creativity and put it on walls and put it on the ground.” says Freilich.

Segel and the rest of the Dispatches cast and crew (including hip-pop star Andre 3000 and Oscar winner Sally Field), spent July through November of last year filming in numerous locations including Fishtown, Old City, South Philly and Rittenhouse Square. He’s seen in the clip insisting that the city’s emphasis on the creative arts “embodies the spirit of the show.”

As for Field, she, too, really, really likes The Big Scrapple. “Philly,” she offers is a spectacular city.”

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