Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay and Roseanne Barr are hitting the Hard Rock Atlantic City with the ‘Mr. & Mrs. America Tour.’
Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay and Roseanne Barr are hitting the Hard Rock Atlantic City with the ‘Mr. & Mrs. America Tour.’|Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay Instagram

Roseanne Barr and ‘Dice’ Clay checking into Hard Rock Atlantic City on Sept. 20 – Tickets go on sale Friday, June 28

The controversial duo’s tour promises an evening of standup not for the politically correct.

Chuck Darrow

Chuck Darrow

Hard Rock Hotel Casino Atlantic City has landed the upcoming Mr. & Mrs. America tour co-headlined by Roseanne Barr and Andrew “Dice” Clay.

The pair, whose brands of comedy have always engenderd love-‘em-or-hate-‘em emotions, are due at the Rock Sept. 20. Tickets go on sale June 28 at 10 a.m. at

Both comics have enjoyed long, successful careers despite (because of?) their propensity to court controversy. Barr’s most recent transgression—tweeting in 2018 about former presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett’s appearance, which many took as a racial slur—cost her the successful resurrection of her self-titled, groundbreaking 1990s sitcom. She subsequently blamed a combination of anti-depression medications and beer for the tweets, and ultimately apologized to Jarrett. But that was hardly her first go-round poking propriety in the eye:

As far back as 1990, she was taking heat for performing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before a San Diego Padres game in a manner that was uniformly slammed as a “mockery” of the national anthem.

Clay, who, at his late-1980s peak, was one of the first standup comics to headline arenas, has built his fame on “The Dice Man,” a character built mostly on misogyny and the sexual subjugation of women. Some performances were the targets of protesters, and he remains the only performer ever banned for life by MTV.

In an interview with Fox News, Clay, whose real name is Andrew Silverman, explained he and Barr were motivated to join forces by the country’s increasing hostility to comedy that doesn’t hew to politically correct guidelines. “We gotta stop policing comedians,” he said. “This is America!”

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