Mims: 3 Sports Betting Tips to Help Your Bankroll Until the NFL Kicks Off Next Season

Minimizing your losses is key to profiting off your wins.
The giant sportsbook at Circa in Las Vegas.
The giant sportsbook at Circa in Las Vegas.@CircaSports on X

The week after the Super Bowl is a period when most sports betting patrons are thinking,” What now?” Many will look at the NBA and a sizable percentage will delve into March Madness. Before you move in either direction, I am going to share some tips to help you out. Information is power but only if you use it.

1) You should avoid multiple event parlays. The house edge on any parlay over 3-4 teams is too much to overcome. An alternative to picking multiple events and one loss eliminating you is a round robin by 2. Pick 3 events or legs and wheel them by 2, If two of the legs hit, you get your money back. If all 3 hit, jackpot. Two of your games are more likely to hit than all 3.

2) Do not bet on any price over -140. Some of the prices you are about to see are insane. The operators are offering the same number to wager on pre match. Their prices will vary. After the game starts the fluctuation starts. Any lay above -140 means you have to hit two bets to recoup a loss. A price of -110 or -120 means one win brings you  relatively even. I am referring to single event wagering.

3) Look at teams that are covering the spread or going over or under their projected total. Looking at the entire slate of games will lead you into a bad choice. Avoid the televised games unless they are part of the sample of teams in the group that you are following. The sample group should not exceed 3 to 4 teams.

Discipline and bankroll management will keep you in the game until the NFL starts again!

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