Compare Odds for Higher Profits – A Guide to Odds Comparison Betting Sites

In the world of sports betting, finding the highest possible odds for each of our bets means the difference between being successful or losing in the long run.
Compare Odds for Higher Profits – A Guide to Odds Comparison Betting Sites

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In the world of sports betting, finding the highest possible odds for each of our bets means the difference between being successful or losing in the long run. 

Odds comparison sites have already proved their worth as being the most helpful and inevitable tools of profitable sports betting.

A small group of bettors can remain profitable with algorithmic and statistics-based sports betting.

For the rest of us, these odds comparison sites and smart betting strategies based on them represent our biggest chance to succeed in sports betting. 

What is an odds comparison site?

An odds comparison site, also known as a betting odds aggregator, is a website or software that scans betting odds from hundreds of betting sites.

These services compare these odds and display the odds and display betting opportunities based on your filters.

Odds comparison sites can display the bookies with the highest odds for a specific market.

In other cases, they show betting markets with a significant odds discrepancy between betting sites.

By using these odds comparison sites, bettors can boost their profitability by seeing bookies with the highest odds possible.

Using a similar service will increase the long-term profitability of an average bettor as well. 

Betting on the highest odds possible also means being placing bets on odds that are either very close to or above the real probability of the outcome.

Strategies and techniques to use odds comparison sites

1.    Line Shopping:

Compare odds from your bookmakers: Many bettors have access or funds at only a few betting sites. In these cases using an odds comparison site to find out which of your bookies offer the highest odds for your pick is the main focus.

Maximize long-term profits: More professional, profit-oriented bettors are using odds comparison sites to maximize the possible profits every time. This strategy will mean significant profit difference in the long run.

2.    Arbitrage Betting:

Arbitrage betting or sure betting is also based on odds comparison services. These odds comparison services can find sure bets, and odds discrepancies between bookies which can allow a guaranteed profit for a bettor. When the odds differences are significant enough, a bettor can cover each outcome with the right odds and still generate a guaranteed profit no matter the outcome.

3.    Value Betting:

Value betting or positive EV (expected value) betting is one of the most profitable strategies. Most bettors can practice it only with the help of odds comparison services. 

Some betting sites are more accurate in defining the true probability of a sports betting outcome. These so-called sharp betting sites are the basis of finding value bets.

Bettors assume and believe that a sharp betting site is able to know the true probability of an outcome. 

Based on this assumption, every sports outcome that has a higher odd at a bookie than the one defined by a sharp bookie holds a positive EV (expected value).

Odds comparison services help bettors find these opportunities by comparing odds between betting sites every 3 sec. when the matches are in play.

Advantages of using odds comparison services

1.         Maximize Returns: Even normal bettors should always take advantage of odd comparison services to maximize their profits in the long run. Placing each bet on odds 5% higher than normal will result in a massive profit difference even after 10 bets.

2.         Time efficiency: I’ve been in contact with many bettors on forums and social media. The majority of bettors have the same idea about finding the best odds for their bets. Each bettor wants to avoid paying for a service and would start a time-consuming activity of finding the highest odds manually. These odds comparison services can deliver the highest odds for your outcome in a matter of seconds. The same result would require several minutes or tens of minutes of a single outcome with the manual research of a bettor. These researches will add up in the long run, resulting hours in of looking for the best odds.

3.         Identify Sure betting opportunities: Finding the highest odds possible often time means a significant odds difference between betting sites. These odds and discrepancies happen in almost every sports event. Odds comparison services are able to spot them because of the fast refresh rate. Finding these betting opportunities manually requires a deep understanding of how certain sports work and the moments when bookies are not able to accurately define the true odds. These arbitrage bets are available only for a few minutes. Bettors with an odds comparison service have the chance of spotting them seconds after their appearance.

4.         Real-time Updates: Being fast and accurate is the most important factor of these odds comparison services. While the matches are in play scanning the relevant market every 3-4 seconds is crucial. Odds are shifting in a matter of seconds. Bookies these days know that bettors are better informed and many of them want to take advantage of their mistakes. For this reason, they are constantly developing how they define odds. A significant odds discrepancy between betting sites is noticed and corrected in a matter of seconds. So, bettors without a fast odds comparison service tend to fail in the long run.

5.         Promotions and Offers: Using an odds comparison service is the easiest and most guaranteed way to complete the rollover requirements for bonus offers without risking your deposit or the bonus itself. The strategy called bonus hunting focuses entirely on finding sports betting bonus offers and exploiting them. Odds comparison services are one of the main tools in their daily actions. The main role of this software is to find betting opportunities that offer significant odds discrepancies between betting sites. Placing bets on these bets can allow bettors to complete the rollover requirements for bonus offers.

6.         Finding positive EV-s: Bettors with a higher risk tolerance can harvest the highest rewards as well. Odds comparison services are the main tools of value bettors. Bookies are changing odds so fast that bettors who want to compare odds manually will face a time-consuming and not-so-profitable activity. These are the moments when a fast odds scanner can mean the difference between being profitable or wasting your time.

Downsides of using odds comparison services

1.     Price: A fast and accurate odds comparison service requires constant development and error handling. The human power and marketing behind these services have a serious cost which results in high subscription prices on our end. The monthly price for such a service can be between $25 - $300 depending on the scanning speed and accuracy.

2.     Many people use it: the more bettors use an odds comparison service, the higher the price gets. On the other hand, it has several other downsides as well such as more errors due to heavier server usage, more bettors placing bets on the same outcome/odds which results in fast odds dropping and possible limitation of betting accounts. 

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