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Playing Table Games vs Slot Games Online – Key Differences

In this guide, we’re exploring some of the key differences as well as the ways both slots and table games have changed in the digital age.

If you log into an online casino, the chances are you will be met with a huge number of different games and variations of those games.

Studies suggest that around 50% of people who visit casinos in person play slot games, and that number could be even higher when it comes to online casino games. Most people play more than one game though, and this could include both slot games and table games.

Casino games actually vary massively in terms of their content and the way they are played, and slot games are very different from table games. In this guide, we’re exploring some of the key differences as well as the ways both slots and table games have changed in the digital age.

Examples of Table Games

What do we mean by table games in the context of online casinos? As you’ve probably guessed, they are called table games because they are played at a table, usually with a dealer on the other side of the table and sometimes with other players.

For instance, the likes of Blackjack and Poker are table games, as well as baccarat and technically roulette (though roulette needs a wheel as well as the table).

People who look for table games for real money that can be played online will notice that there are many different variations. For example, there are many different types of poker, and while Texas Hold’em is the most popular, people also play varieties like Five-Card Draw and Omaha rules.

Instead of an actual table, the games are either played by a simple interface within the website or app, or they may be played using a live dealer. This means that a live feed of a real dealer spinning the roulette wheel or dealing the cards may be used. Either way, it is simple to play these games online, which is one of the main similarities it has with slot games.

The Skill Factor of Table Games

One of the key differences that should be considered is the level of skill that can play a part in casino games.

Slot games are completely random. The games are determined by a random number generator and most gambling regulators check that everybody has the same chance of winning when playing the games. Slots vary in terms of their volatility and how much of the stakes are returned to players (RTP rate) but skill doesn’t come into the equation.

Conversely, table games often involve a combination of luck and skill. For instance, the game of poker involves a lot of different skills. As well as knowing the rankings of the poker hands, understanding the odds, and taking calculated risks, players need to be able to read one another. The art of bluffing plays a big part in poker, and this adds a psychological element. There is a skill in being able to read other players and decide when to take risks and when to fold. Some people enjoy the skill of analysis, and often these are people who will study form and tips before betting on horse racing. Some people are drawn to a game or bet they can have an impact on.

People who don’t have these kinds of skills or aren’t interested in studying form or learning new skills may well choose to stick to slot games rather than table games.

Slot Game Themes and Mini Games

There are literally thousands of different slot games out there. Game developers are constantly competing to create interesting games, and unlike the old-fashioned “one-armed bandit” style games, slot games are no longer dependent on physical reels and pulling a lever to start the spins.

This means that there are a lot of interesting features and mechanics, such as Megaways games, where the symbols that match may appear to dissolve and disappear, being replaced by new symbols for a chance to win again on the same spin

There are also a lot of added features such as mini-games, which can vary depending on the theme of the slot itself. Many games involve fishing, for instance, and may have a bonus round or mini-game where users pick a fish that reveals a potential cash prize. This sort of game mechanic couldn’t have happened when slot games were manually controlled, and doesn’t happen with table games, of course.


Slot games and table games have a large crossover in terms of their audiences. Statistics show that of the 60% of American adults who gamble in some way, most play multiple games, so it is not a case of choosing one or the other.

For those who want to try and have an impact on the outcome of the game, learning the skill involved in poker or even basic blackjack strategy can be appealing, but many enjoy the randomness and fun interfaces of slot games. Both have their place in a growing gambling industry.

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