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E-Sports Down Under: The Rise and Rise of Competitive in Australia – What Does the Future Hold?

Although esports has existed in Australian society for a long time, the industry has recently experienced tremendous growth. This article examines the factors that led to this growth and prospects.

The Rise of Competitive Gaming in Australia

The competitive esports industry in Australia is growing exponentially. According to recent statistics by the Australian government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the industry will be worth $294 billion by the end of 2024. This is a massive figure, considering that only recently, the industry was negatively impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is easy to understand how popular and complex the digital gaming industry in Australia is. If you search for gambling sites with no deposit bonuses in Australia, you will find many websites like NoDepositz AU that offer services tailored to the Australian gambling audience. 

We trace the past and present developments of competitive gaming in the Australian market in this industry. We also indicate possible future developments of competitive gaming in Australia.

What Contributed to the Rapid Growth of Competitive Gaming in Australia?

The rapid growth of the digital gaming industry in Australia did not occur by chance. This trend is a result of a complex interaction of many factors. Here are some of the most important ones and details of how they contributed to the developments in the industry that are currently being experienced.

Growing popularity among Australians

Currently, Australia enjoys an enviable size of fans of esports. The fanbase for various games in the country cuts across all age groups and regions.

The number of individuals in the country who become professional esports players has grown steadily. The interest in competitive esports stems from the availability of sponsorships and the chance to play in international events.

Moreover, more and more Australians are searching online for information and trends about the local esports scene. Thus, it is easy to find an average fan of esports telling you detailed information about the best streamer of Twitch in the county.

Sponsorships of Local Events by Local Brands

The availability of sponsorships always is critical for the development of any sport. The competitive esports industry in Australia has greatly benefited from sponsors' commitment. The sponsorships from various local brands have enabled the hosting of different tournaments and the development of professional teams.

Local and international brands sponsoring teams and competitions in Australia have been motivated by the country's growing number of esports fans.

The COVID-19 pandemic

Many industries worldwide were affected when the COVID-19 pandemic struck and led to lockdowns. The gaming industry was not spared because the implementation of the lockdowns meant that organizers of esports competitions had to cancel their events.

Given that the esports industry was still young but growing rapidly just before the pandemic, the effects of the cancellation of events on it were immense. Luckily, online gaming and virtual esports events started gaining traction nationwide. This was a positive development because although online gaming had existed for a long time, many esports fans preferred attending physical events.

At the end of the pandemic, the overall popularity of competitive esports gaming in Australia had grown tremendously. Individuals could attend either physical or virtual events.

Interest in crypto gambling

Crypto casinos provide their customers with platforms to transact, play games, and even anonymously place bets on the outcomes of professional matches. The crypto gambling market in Australia is also experiencing a significant growth rate because gamblers are keen on protecting their privacy while betting or playing games on online casinos.

Furthermore, Australian gamblers prefer crypto casinos because of the depth and breadth of the games that they can find on such platforms. It is easy to get common esports as well as the new ones that emerge.

Thus, individuals who may not be professional players of any specific esports game can easily understand the basics and start placing bets on the outcomes of professional matches.

The Future of Competitive Gaming in Australia

It is impossible to predict the future of competitive esports gaming in Australia with a degree of certainty. The digital gaming industry in Australia does not exist in isolation.

Global trends in the industry may have either positive or negative effects on its prospects. Here are a few possible future scenarios that may occur in the industry.

Continued Government Support

The Australian recognizes the potential of competitive esports in the country. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the government needed to provide full support to the industry faster. However, things are changing rapidly as the government continues to support the entire digital gaming industry in the country.

In this case, the support refers to constructing the infrastructure needed to support live events. Therefore, the Australian government will continue to invest in the infrastructure needed to help various organizations host live esports competitive gaming events.  

Moreover, the construction of the infrastructure will boost the growth of the sports. New players and teams will have the facilities to practice and develop their professional skills.

Increasing global competitiveness 

The Australian digital gaming industry has undergone a great transformation recently. If the current level of investment in the industry is maintained, the industry is likely to catch up with those of other countries like South Korea and Singapore.

The rapid increase in the level of competitiveness of the Australian competitive esports industry will be a great boost to the fans, players, and all stakeholders. Local players could compete with those from other teams from countries renowned for the game. Local esports fans will also have a chance to experience their local teams effectively competing in international events.  


The rise of competitive esports gaming in Australia has been well-documented. Various factors drove the rapid growth of the game. The most important ones included growing interest in crypto gambling and the role of government-affiliated and independent organizations.

With a great local audience and many brands willing to sponsor events at different levels, the industry is set to continue in its upward trajectory. The government will likely continue investing in infrastructure to boost sponsorship and training of local talents.

The local teams are likely to be highly competitive. The industry will likely catch up with those in South Korea and other countries where the esports industry is well financed and managed.

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