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Top 5 betting strategies used by professionals

An explanation and analysis of some of the most popular betting strategies used by professionals around the world.

Online betting is fun and entertaining. Also, it is one of the best pastimes since you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.

Plus, it can be rewarding if you apply some betting strategies.

One thing to note, however, is that there is no perfect strategy. What might work for you might not suit another gamer.


With that, join us as we analyze some of the most popular betting strategies used by professionals around the world.

1-3-2-6 Betting Strategy

Besides having fun, you hope to win some money when you place a bet at an online casino.

The 1-3-2-6 is among the strategies that can help you maximize your profits. You will love this technique in that it minimizes the risks of losing.

How it Works

The strategy involves making a progressive bet after every win. It is an easy method that follows the 1x, 3x, 2x, and 6x sequences. Here, x represents your initial stake amount.

First, you will set your initial bet amount; let's assume €20. Next, assuming you win, you will triple the next bet. In this scenario, your next stake will be €60.

Now, if you still win, you will double the initial bet, making it €40. Assuming your third bet is also a win, you will stake 6x the initial bet, which will be €120.

Moreover, if you lose any bet at any point, you will start over again. Hence, assuming you lost at the second bet, instead of staking €40, you will stake €20.

Flat Betting Strategy

If you are the type of player who loves staying on a set budget, this is a strategy you will find ideal.

Usually, it involves staking the same amount throughout your gameplay. So, if you start with €50, you will play with this amount until the end of a section.

Further, you can have a flat bet for a given period, one week or month.

After this, you can increase the amount, depending on whether you have won anything within this time.

Notably, when you opt for this strategy, only increase the initial stake if you have won.

In addition, you can lower the amount when your budget drops. For example, imagine you plan to risk €1,000 for one month.

It's mid-month, and you are only left with €300. Here, you can lower the bet amount to reduce going beyond your budget.

Martingale Betting Strategy

Martingale is a bet type that will best fit you if you are a risk-taker. In its simplest form, this is a technique for doubling your bet after a loss.

Usually, this will continue until you win.

You will likely get all the lost money and more when a win occurs. Next, you will begin betting again and follow the same trend.

The method best works with high-rollers capable of risking huge amounts. However, you can use it as a low-roller, where you stake very low amounts.

Below is an illustration of how the martingale strategy works.

1.    You bet €10 and lose

2.    So, you will double the first amount to stake with €20

3.    Since it's a loss, you will double €20 and bet with €40. Still, you lose.

4.    Next, you will double €40, totalling €80.

5.    If you lose bet number 4, you will stake €160.

6.    Now, at this point, you will stake €320. Luckily, you win. So, you will have won €320.

Parlay Betting Strategy

Some online casinos refer to this strategy as an accumulator bet. Mainly, it allows you to place multiple bets on a similar event.

After a win, you place another bet using the initial stake plus its winnings.

Therefore, if you bet €20 and win €50, your next stake will be €70. Typically, with every bet, the chances of winning are lower.

Plus, the more you bet, the higher the winning potential.

Further, in most casinos, you can't cash out a parlay bet after the last game is over unless it's the end of the event.

Perhaps, you should note that casinos have varying rules for withdrawing. So, check with your operator to understand their terms.

The Labourchere Strategy

In this, you will first indicate how much you hope to win. Next, you will place bets until one of them gets you this amount.

The strategy doesn't require you to risk a single high amount.

Instead, you can place a series of small bets. As such, you will reach your goal over several bets.

Besides, splitting the bets reduces the chances of losing a huge amount in case of a loss.

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