The Future of UK Gambling: Real Casinos Online

Some predictions of how the UK gambling industry will evolve.
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If you were to compare online real casinos that are available today to those from 20 years ago, you would notice a drastic difference. Sure table games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and poker are pretty much the same. The slots however have drastically improved. Not only that but there are also other gaming trends that weren’t around in the early 2000s, especially in the iGaming space. 

Other changes have to do with account creation, online security, and internet payments. With this in mind, you have to wonder what could possibly await us in the future. To that end, we will explore the topic and give some predictions of how the UK gambling industry will evolve.

General Casino Improvements

Apart from a few big brands, dozens of online gambling sites are simply trying to improve what they currently have. Some might want to add a sportsbook section, others want to add eSports betting and poker rooms. Some are still relatively small and they could benefit from adding more software providers to their game library.

However, they manage to get users by doing things by the book and complying with regulators. All of the operators on the real casinos UK site list are safe to use and have some amazing promotions for new and regular users. Bonuses without wagering requirements, no wagering, and no deposit bonuses, as well as cashback offers, are all very useful mechanisms for user acquisition. So, even if they cannot necessarily compete content-wise, they can still be a preferred choice for the players, due to the available promotions.

Innovative Game Design

.John Schnobrich | Unsplash

Video games had a huge impact on the real casinos online sites. Casino businesses are looking to create content that young adults will find appealing. So, they looked to video games to find out how to mold those features into gambling content. One of the best examples is daily fantasy sports that strongly resemble football manager video games. They borrowed from other games as well, and these titles don’t have to be directly related to sports, in order to be an inspiration. The basic concept of a football manager definitely served as an inspiration, and helped DFS become a massive hit. 

Of course, it’s important for casino games to be compatible with mobile hardware. This in a way limits what developers can create. Luckily our smartphones are significantly more advanced now, and they continue to improve. So, it’s certain that in the future they will be able to accommodate more demanding games, and software developers will have more freedom design-wise.

Blockchain and Crypto in Gambling

Another big innovation that had an impact on the whole world is blockchain. This is a unique tech that revolutionized how payments work, and it can also be leveraged for game development. Many compare crypto trading to gambling, because of how volatile some currencies are. Basically, there can be drastic shifts in the value of those currencies in a matter of days.   Still, as far as money transfers go this is the most efficient and secure way to transact.

We might see real online casinos use blockchain for more than just transactions. It can be used to create unique content. NFTs are a big trend and they are digital assets that can be randomly generated. This has led to some unique itemization and cosmetics in video games. So, instead of simply losing money a player can get a randomly generated skin for the game. It can be useless, but its value may go up as time goes by. After all, skin betting is another big trend in iGaming. 

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