Winning. It's a good thing. Here are some tips.
Winning. It's a good thing. Here are some tips.Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

How to bet on sports to win

Different strategies to help improve your odds.

It seems to many that betting on sports is quite simple. However, in fact, 90% of the players end up losing to the bookmaker, and only the remaining 10% win. In fact, everything is clearly calculated in casinos and bookmakers, because such establishments earn money by losing players. However, he still eats some tricks, knowing which, you can make good money on bets. In this article, we will talk about how to correctly bet on sports so as not to lose.

The difference between a bookmaker and a betting exchange

First, you need to decide how bookmakers differ from betting exchanges. In the bookmaker's office, the odds for sports events are set by its analysts. On the betting exchange, they are formed by the participants themselves and, as a rule, are higher than those of bookmakers. This is a rather complicated system, so if you have no experience, it is better to start playing at bookmakers.

Basic Rules

It takes resourcefulness, discipline, and a lot of strength to earn income by dealing with bookmakers. The first step is to decide on the choice of sport. Of course, it is more logical to give preference to the one which you understand better. It should be borne in mind that almost any sport is divided into leagues, associations, championships, and so on. It is necessary to choose one direction and specify your goal as much as possible.

In general, there are several rules that should be followed for successful betting:

  • A successful game implies the ability to correctly analyze the situation. This is the basis of the fundamentals for making a profit.

  • Equally important is the correct allocation of funds and operational planning. For example, you should never bet all your money on one event. Sports are unpredictable, and even with full confidence in a certain outcome, the bet may not win.

  • You need to keep track of your wins and losses. The ability to learn from each game increases the chances of success.

Betting strategy

Players can use different betting strategies, but not all of them are suitable for beginners. For example, catch-up or betting sure bets require an infinite game bank and no limits on bet amounts. When implementing a catch-up strategy, money is placed on any result with a coefficient of more than 2.0. In case of loss, the amount is doubled and placed on another event with the same odds. This is done until the event wins.

A convenient and win-win option for the game is "betting sure bets", but they are quite rare. Such situations arise in equal confrontations. In this case, one office may give preference to one opponent, and the second - to another. Guaranteed profit can be obtained by placing bets at both bookmakers on different opponents.

Live bets are placed during a sports event in real-time. In this case, it is much easier to commit a rash act, especially without experience. Also, many people love to play slots. At the same time, it is convenient that it is possible to play slots without downloading.

Another interesting strategy is value betting. It involves betting on odds that are inflated by the bookmaker. In this case, the player must conduct an independent analytical investigation and find out in which case the probability of winning a certain team in a match is higher than that determined by the bookmaker. This is not an easy task, which makes it possible to earn in the long term. The value betting strategy is used by experienced players but is unlikely to be suitable for beginners. Thus, the best choice for a beginner would be a classic pre-match analysis.

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