Mobile Betting Shows No Sign of Slowing Down in the U.S.
Whether on a laptop or a mobile device, online betting is so easy it is expected to continue having tremendous growth.Photo by on Unsplash.

Mobile Betting Shows No Sign of Slowing Down in the U.S.

With friendlier legislation and a variety of sports and promotions, the number of bettors in the U.S. is only going to go one way. Up.

The US sports fans enjoy sports like any other sports fan and they make up a huge part of the world sports enthusiasts. The U.S. is host to the NFL, baseball leagues as well as some of the best basketball events and players in the world. Some fans enjoy betting which is why they have several mobile apps to choose from.

You can think of these as online sportsbooks on the go as they cover the fans’ favorite sports and make sure to give them some nice offers and promotions. The number of operator apps, like those found on, let bettors place a wager anywhere in the state, or states for that matter. That’s because mobile betting has been spreading across the U.S. like wildfire. There are several factors for this and they will give you some insight into just how fast mobile betting is becoming popular.

Friendlier Legislation

There was a ban on the expansion of sports betting right until 2018. Until then, sports betting was confined to Nevada, but once the Supreme Court ended the bans, then the industry began to flourish as lots of states legalized it. Nevada may have been first, but New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well as Illinois and Indiana soon followed. This prompted the rise of digital or online sportsbooks that covered the various US leagues and sports. It wasn’t long until the mobile sportsbooks came along and bettors could enjoy their favorite sports on the go.

A Variety of Offers and Sports

After the ban was lifted, investors hopped into the market, a market that was new and up for the taking. Naturally, each state made sure that a share of the profits will fuel the US economy. Besides that, operators had millions of American sports fans to keep happy.

The fact that they developed apps made sure the clients could place their bets anywhere. But they also made sure to cover the major sports and leagues to cater to the needs of the clients. For example, sports betting apps like DraftKings and FanDuel cover the NBA, NFL, PFL, and others. In addition to this, these apps also come with a variety of offers.

New players will visit a site or download an app to get access to a nice welcome offer. Besides that, bettors would have a chance at live betting, placing future bets, and even parlays because these are the things that some sports betting apps have to offer.

With offers like these bettors know that their sports are covered and they can enjoy offers regardless if they’re fresh users or if they have been using a certain app for a while. Operators of these apps need a client base to operate which is why they keep their clients happy.


The fact remains that these are mobile apps. Mobile sportsbook apps are available at anytime and anywhere so clients can just whip out their mobile devices and enjoy the sports and place bets whenever they wish. These apps are easily accessible and all clients need is a place with an Internet connection, which is pretty much available everywhere today.


Mobile betting shows no sign of stopping in the U.S. because most of it is done on mobile apps which are available 24/7. With friendlier legislation and a variety of sports and promotions, the number of bettors in the U.S. is only going to go one way. The potential of the market is going to grow as new operators step in and look to gain players by giving them new and better offers. In short, the popularity of mobile betting in the US is only going to increase.

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