Canada, home of free spins and free mountain views.
Canada, home of free spins and free mountain views.Igor Kyryliuk on Unsplash

Online Casino in Canada - When Free Spins Led to a Big Win

This article will discuss when free spins led to a big win in Canadian online casinos. But first, you need to understand Canadian free spins.

Even though free spins no deposit canada bonuses are becoming rarer, Canadian players still have the opportunity to claim one. You might end up winning the jackpot! This article will discuss when free spins led to a big win in Canadian online casinos. But first, you need to understand Canadian free spins.

How Do Free Spins Work in Canada?

Free Spins are pre-determined spins that you may utilize on a specific slot machine when playing on your PC. If you are planning to get a high-end PC, you might want to check out this page:

The most common means of getting these free spins are no-deposit bonuses and bonus bundles. Even though you can stumble on free spins, they are pretty uncommon. Free spins without making a deposit are even harder to find in today's Canadian online casinos. They either provide them as part of their welcome bonuses or a package deal with other bonuses when you make a deposit.

Free spins come with wagering requirements that you must meet before withdrawing your earnings, just like any other online casino bonus.

On the other side, you won't pay a dime to use any of the game's free spins. The bonus round they activate is linked to the game's theme and delivers many actions with significant prizes.

When Free Spins Led to a Big Win

Cheryl Gourley: $1 million in May 2022

Cheryl Gourley, a resident of Ladysmith, couldn't believe her good fortune when she won Powerbucks on The $1 million reward had been won on her free spin! As soon as the wheel appeared and the needle began spinning, "there was a bright flash that I won," stated Gourley.

Affirming her intentions for the money, Gourley states that it would provide financial stability for her and her kid. In the future, she plans to utilize some of the money to pay for her travels and to help her save for her golden years.

Patrick Hale: CA$30 million in February 2022

After receiving his large cheque, Mr. Hale discussed his life-changing winnings from the February 4, 2022 lottery. He began checking the numbers on his tickets at 6 a.m. the following day and realized he had won the lottery when his tickets matched the winning numbers.

According to news reports, the Toronto winner admitted that having CA$30 million in his bank account was daunting. Still, he intends to buy a new house and car. As one of his first thoughts, he proposes that he will use the money to assist people in need.

Anonymous Mega Moolah Winner: $22.4 Million in September 2018

Also remarkable in this list of successes is how much each one costs. It demonstrates that the stakes aren't as significant as you would think to win large. You only need to be patient and have good fortune on your side.

The man who won $22.4 million from Mega Moolah in September 2018 by spending only $0.75 per spin may have had the identical experience. Although it wasn't through free spins, the price per spin was meager. Furthermore, the prize was achieved in fewer than 50 spins! As a result, a significant triumph is almost certainly just around the corner.

Another major winner from Toronto

Lotto 6/49 ticket holders in Ontario have just purchased a CA$21 million ticket, according to OLG. Even though the identity of the lucky recipient is yet unknown, they are from the Kawartha Lakes region. If they don't contact the agency within that time frame, they will be unable to pick up their award.

Saskatchewan wins the CA$20 million jackpot in February 2022

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation announced that a single ticket holder in Saskatchewan had won a CA$20 million Lotto Max windfall. The winning numbers are 19, 26, 28, 36, 40, 42, 48, and a bonus number of 6; they were drawn on February 15th, and their name has been included in the game's official records.

How to Win Big in Canada Online Casino Free Spins

Keep an eye out for unique discounts and promotions

In many online casinos, players may win free spins on a range of games by participating in tournaments. Keep an eye on the social media channels or check in regularly if you want to stay up to date.

Find out if any fresh slots have been released

It's common for casinos to market new online slots using social media and email campaigns, particularly if they're popular ones. You may also want to watch competitions or giveaway offers that give out free spins on many video slots each day since they are becoming more popular.

Take a look at more casinos in the same industry

Many casinos in your sector provide free spins, so it's worth seeing what they're doing. You may read their terms and conditions online to know how the free spins work. New incentives may be kept track of and whether or not you qualify for them.

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