The United States is becoming a land of legalized sports betting
The United States is becoming a land of legalized sports bettingUnsplash

U.S. Legal Sports Betting: Where Is Sports Betting Legal?

More than half the states in America now have some form of legalized gambling on sports.

Sports betting is now being legalized throughout the United States, and it promises new and massive inflows of money for professional sports leagues.

In May 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court indirectly granted the federation states the right to legalize sports betting in their respective territories after decades of illicit existence.

Many U.S. states welcomed the judgment. Most of these states wanted to take advantage of this opportunity as quickly as possible by allowing people to bet on the many events that adorn the North American sports scene, like the NBA (check NBA odds here), NFL, MLS, etc.

However, the year is 2022, and not all 50 states have legalized sports betting. This brief content will discuss the updated states that have legalized sports betting.

States Where Sports Betting is Legal in the U.S

Arizona: Legalized in 2021, allows full smartphone betting with multiple options.

Arkansas: Legalized sports betting on July 1, 2019, and on February 22, 2022, allowed eight online bookies to partner with three casinos in the state.

Colorado: Legalized sports betting in 2020.

Connecticut: The state legalized sports betting in 2021, and major sportsbooks went live on October 19.

Delaware: The state allows for just retail sportsbooks and prohibits online betting.

Illinois: Legalized betting on March 9, 2020, and started online betting in June 2020.

Indiana: Indiana started legalized betting on September 1, 2019.

Iowa: This state has the lowest license fees in the U.S and legalized betting on August 15, 2019.

Louisiana: Although betting was legalized in October 2021, online betting started on January 28, 2022.

Maryland: Maryland accepts only in-person sportsbooks. The state legalized sports betting in April 2021 and commenced in-person sports betting in December 2021.

Michigan: Legalized betting in 2020, and online sportsbooks like BetMGM started in 2021.

Mississippi: Though it was one of the first states to legalize sports betting on August 1, 2018, the state only allows in-person sportsbooks.

Montana: Legalized sports betting in March 2020 but only allows in-person sportsbooks.

Nevada: Nevada allows for complete mobile betting, but in-person registration is required.

New Hampshire: Legalized online betting on December 30, 2019, and allows for just the mobile betting option.

New Jersey: Full mobile sports betting with various options is legal in New Jersey.

New Mexico: It's worth noting that no bill has been passed in this state about sports betting. However, the Native Americans have said that sportsbooks are legal under state-tribal gaming compacts. It means that only in-person sportsbooks are allowed.

New York: New York started full online sports betting on January 8, 2022.

North Carolina: In-person sports betting was legalized in July 2019, but the state still awaits a rule on mobile betting in 2022.

North Dakota: In North Dakota, bets can be placed without the act of the legislature, but only in-person sportsbooks are allowed.

Oregon: Mobile betting is legal in Oregon, but it's limited to just one mobile sports betting option.

Pennsylvania: Legalized sports betting in 2018 (retail betting) and launched online betting in 2019.

Rhode Island: Sports betting has been legal in this state since 2018, but only one mobile wagering option is allowed.

South Dakota: Legalized sports betting in 2020 and had its first sportsbooks (retail) in 2021.

Tennessee: Online sports betting is legal in this state. Since the state does not have any casinos, full mobile betting with various options is offered.

Virginia: The state of Virginia started its online sports betting journey in January 2021.

Washington: Legalized sports betting on March 25, 2020, allowing only in-person sportsbooks.

Washington D.C.: In D.C, retail sports betting and limited mobile betting options are allowed.

West Virginia: After some drawbacks, full online sports betting went live in this state in 2019.

Wyoming: Full online mobile sports betting is legal in this state. On September 1, 2021, the state embarked on its journey when it accepted its first bets.

There it is, all the states where sports betting is legal in the United States as of March 2022. Thanks for reading.

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