Popular casino games are literally at your fingertips.

Popular casino games are literally at your fingertips.

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The best PayPal casinos in the United Kingdom

5 UK Online Casinos stand out above the rest.

Online casinos have become a huge business. Like all booming industries, the number of options can make choosing the best option a difficult decision. Since most online casinos offer a fantastic range of slot machine games and table games, one good way to differentiate them is by comparing payment methods.

Choosing an online casino that accepts PayPal is usually a smart choice. A complete list of the 20 best casinos in the UK that accept PayPal can be found here. We’ve narrowed it down to the five online casinos that we think are the best of the best.

Why PayPal?

One of the biggest selling points of playing at an online casino is the number of payment options that are offered. At the majority of casinos, players can make deposits by prepaid debit card, bank or wire transfers, digital wallets and online payment apps. Some even accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. So, what is it that makes PayPal the best choice?

PayPal is one of the oldest digital payment apps. It has been around since the early days of the internet, getting its first major boost in 2000 when it became the primary payment method for eBay. Being around for so long has given the company plenty of time to work out all the kinks and security issues. This means that it is one of the safest payment methods on the internet.

Besides security, PayPal is a popular payment method to use because it is incredibly easy and user-friendly. It makes putting money in and taking money out a simple process. Now that they also offer a digital wallet, there are more reasons than ever to choose PayPal for spending online.


It’s no surprise that BetFair has one of the best online casinos in the UK. It is also one of the biggest sports betting companies in the country, especially for betting on Premier League matches. This casino has one of the best game libraries — not necessarily in terms of quantity, but definitely in quality. Alongside the slot and table games, it also offers bingo.

One of the perks of being a part of a huge corporation is that BetFair can offer great bonuses that change regularly. This keeps things fresh for returning players and is a big attraction for new players.


Mobile gaming is one of the biggest tech phenomena of the last decade. LeoVegas realizes that many people love to play casino games on their phones and has developed the best mobile site in the business. Being able to play on the go — without losing access to most games in the library — is a huge plus for busy people who want to fit a few minutes of gaming into their routine.

Another positive of LeoVegas is that it is licensed by the UK Gaming Commission. This means that it is a very trustworthy casino with plenty of oversight and player safeguards.

Casino Gods

Casino Gods has one of the coolest themes in the business. The mythological aesthetic makes playing at this online casino feel like something special. Zeus welcomes you in, and Casino Gods makes it even more inviting by offering some of the top welcome bonuses available, including free spins, deposit matching and more.

One minor complaint — there is no live chat feature, so any issues that you have may take a little time to be addressed.


Duelz is another casino that is licensed by the UK Gaming Commission. This added sense of security makes it even easier to play without worries. Besides being very secure, this casino is best known for having a great range of slot games, including a number of progressive jackpot games.

One of the unique elements of Duelz is the gamification of play on the site. It allows players to “battle” one another with purchased “spells” in order to rise up the leaderboard to secure prizes. The prizes might not be spectacular, but the added fun is hard not to enjoy.


Last but not least on our list is FruitKings. Like the name suggests, FruitKings is your destination for slot games. They have more than 650 different slot games, as well as a good selection of live dealer table games.

One of the best perks of this casino is the VIP program. Regularly returning players are rewarded with membership in the Top Banana Club. Alongside increased access to customer support and an account manager, Top Banana Club members are also given the chance to win bigger and better prizes.

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