Playing video poker a pair of kings could win you some money.

Playing video poker a pair of kings could win you some money.

Your Ultimate Guide to Video Poker

What is it, how do you play and what do you need to know?

If you haven't played video poker, you may have a hard time understanding it. Or perhaps you have been playing but have no clue what you are doing. Don't be afraid, we have created this guide just for you.

Since you are here, you want to learn more about the game. We are going to share our decades of experience and research. Everything we have learned about video poker is shared here.

Let dive right in.

What is Video Poker?

You probably know the answer already. But for those who don't know what video poker is, keep reading.

It's one of the most played online casino games out there. It's a card game, just like poker, only that this one is played online.

The game entered casinos in the 1970s. It has, since then, grown from strength to strength. Gamblers love it because it's one of the few games that offer the highest odds. Also, it gives you a chance to influence how the game will go.

As if that's not enough, video poker brings the element of a low house edge into play. That is profit to the casino while offering players a chance to win even bigger through jackpots.

In addition, you get to play in anonymity on Rojabet. It's great to avoid all the psychological pressure that comes with live poker games. Play in the comfort of your couch without the nuisance of other people around.

Video poker is one of the best choices for gamblers because of the following reasons:

  • It's a simple game. Playing it does not require any special skills, just like slots.

  • A player determines what happens, unlike in games of chance. One can decide how many cards they want to save for the final hand.

  • No reason to have a crowd around. You can play it alone.

  • Players can look for key information and determine the casino's house edge.

How to Play Video Poker

Unlike any other online casino game, a player needs to understand video poker deeply. Well, you can still be a good player without understanding all the details. But it's crucial to know the basics and rules of every game.

Playing video poker is quite easy. It's similar to other casino games, although a bit complex compared to slot machines.

A player simply places a bet with the right amount for maximum returns. And then click on the spin button. Then you are set to go.

Terms in Video Poker

There are several terms that define video poker. If you are going to play this game and have a chance of winning, it would be good to know them.

Payback, return, and house edge

Every casino game has a payback or return and a house edge. These are interrelated terms, often used as one. They are crucial in establishing your te apuesto betting strategy.

Payback or return is how much money is 'paid back/returned' to the player as a winning. It's a percentage of all the money played in a game.

For example, a game can have a 99.54%% return. That means the player gets back $99.54 for every $100 played at the casino for that game. A dollar player that uses five dollars per hand and plays 20 hands will receive this percentage as payback.

This concept can also be the house edge. A house edge is what the casino takes from what you use to play a game. It's different from money bet, coin-in, and the game returns.

Simply put, a house edge is 100% - then 99.54% above. Video poker has the lowest house edge, and that's why it has grown so popular. Well, not all video poker games have such a high house edge. Some could be as low as %95.


Variance and volatility are the two factors that determine the characteristics of a game. They belong in the payback category.

If there are any swings in your bankroll, it is because of volatility or variance. Volatility is used to define how high or how low bankroll swings. Variance is a mathematical term. It puts a figure on volatility.

As common with any other game, you will face ups and downs during the game. Sometimes your bankroll will swing up, and sometimes it will swing low. But in the end, you will still get an average return of 99.94.

Does volatility make any difference for a video poker player? Yes. A higher volatility means a higher bankroll and vice versa. If you are lucky to win a high-paying hand, you should have plenty to play with for the rest of the game.


A video poker pay table carries the most important information for a player. It carries everything one needs to determine how the game is.

The paytable will help you understand the volatility of a specific video game. Many gamblers use it to determine the right video poker strategy. Keep the paytable information in mind when trying to pick your best game.

Categories of Video Poker

There are five main categories of video poker. They include:

  • Jacks or Better – This category comes with the lowest paying hand. Each game has a paytable with a royal flush, straight flush, 4 of a kind, full house, flush, straight, and other basic paytables.

  • Wild Card Video Poker. Each game in this category has one or more cards that can replace other cards. These cards are called wilds.

  • Pick'Em/Pick A Pair Video Poker. This game is not very popular today. There are very few places that offer it. In this game, you pick only one card in your five-card hand. It goes against the basic rules of common video poker games.

  • Multiple Play Video Poker – All categories above are single-play video poker games. They are straightforward. A player picks credits and pushes a button to deal. They decide the cards to play and those to keep. Multiple Play, Video Poker games enable you to play 3, 5, 10, 50, or even 100 games every simple time.

  • Progressive Video Poker. Just like progressive slot machines, the payoff rises in progressive video poker. The more money players wager, the larger the jackpot gets until someone wins.

Now that you understand what video poker is, it should be easier to start playing. There is more to learn, but these basics will get you started on the right path.

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