Casino Q&A: Robert Mims speaks with Bill Cramsey, director of operations at Circa Las Vegas

Play Blackjack outside at Stadium Swim at Circa.
Everybody, and we mean everybody, into the pool at Circa Las Vegas.
Everybody, and we mean everybody, into the pool at Circa Las Vegas.Circa

While I was in Las Vegas last month for the G2E, I was privileged to be given a tour of the 8th wonder of the world. I am referring to the Sports Book at Circa Las Vegas Casino. I was escorted around the property by Bill Cramsey, Director of Operations, who answered questions about the property and gave insight about the day-to-day business.

When you visit Circa, check out the sportsbook and then head to Stadium Swim. You can play Blackjack outside and watch the top sporting event of the day at the same time. The dealers fit the ambience. I plan to go back while I attend the CES in January and March Madness for the NCAA Tournament.

How is business?

Business is good. The property is sports driven with football being a primary reason. Stadium Swim is a big attraction.

What type of business do you attract?

We are big with the locals because of the Fremont Experience. We get quite a bit of foot traffic because of it. Due to Covid, we have not been able to gauge convention business yet because that segment has not returned to level of 2019 and early 2020. Barry ‘s Steakhouse is very popular with our guests.

Any challenges related to Covid?

Distancing was an issue. Having the app helped tremendously during this time. You must still wear a mask on the casino floor.

How many rooms do you have?

Circa has 600 rooms and approximately 65 suites. Our hotel occupancy is 90 to 98% on the weekend. We will range as high as 70% during the week.

Describe the Sports Book to me before I see it?

It is breathtaking! You can see the seams on a baseball on our screens. We show all the games, and you won’t miss anything.

How is foot traffic on a Sunday?

Excellent. Slot Machines have a viewer that you can watch the games while playing. The sound of the screens in the sports book is superb.

You gained national attention with two of your Sports Betting Promotions. Tell the readers about them?

We had Circa/Millions Sports 3 Pro Football Contest and Circa Survivor. Both promotions were prominently advertised in the USA Today. The Survivor contest has 4100 entries. You must pick one NFL team every week to win. If your team wins, you survive to the next week. If you lose a game, you are eliminated. The Millions contest had approximately 4300 entries. You must pick 5 weekly pro football games against the spread. You earn a point for every correct selection & a half point for a push. There are prizes for winning during periods of the contest or quarters. Multiple entries were allowed in each contest. I would refer you to the Website for a complete and detailed breakdown for these promotions and other events with Circa Sports.

What are you anticipating for the Super Bowl and March Madness?

Our sportsbook will be packed! At least 1,000 people will be in here in a separate event from the book for the Super Bowl. March Madness should rival that number. Super Bowl is invited guests only in the Warehouse. March Madness is open but requires a cash bar and cash food package to have an assigned seating area. I would inquire early.

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