Phillies’ Aaron Nola pitches against the Marlins on April 25 (Chris Szagola)
Phillies’ Aaron Nola pitches against the Marlins on April 25 (Chris Szagola)|Associated Press

The Tuesday Philly Props: First to . . . 

Bob Vetrone

Bob Vetrone

We don’t have the slightest idea which Sixers team – or which of their players – are going to show up in Game 5, so any Prop path we would go down would be strictly a guess . . . (Yeah, kinda like all of our other Prop bets).

So, we will just watch the game for fun (no, really!) and aim one eye – and our wallet – toward the Phillies game.

Part of us wants to think a very good Cardinals team at home wasn’t going to lose to anybody Monday coming off four straight road losses, the last three at Wrigley to the hard-charging Cubs.

But the other part of us thinks it was just another road appearance by the Phillies’ Mr. Hyde team. We don’t know which Phils club will show up any better than which Sixers team will, but we do know each of the Phillies’ last three road games have ended in shutouts (0-9, 6-0, 0-6).

Since Aaron Nola seems to have settled down in his two starts (albeit two no-decisions), we are going to lay a half dozen “First To . . .” bets (which we have never done before) and hope the Phils’ offense wakes up.

For the record, in this case if neither teams gets to the total at all, it is still a loss.

Picks: Phillies First To . . .
Two Runs ($2/-150)
Three Runs ($2/-130)
Four Runs ($2/-105)
Five Runs ($2/+125)
Six Runs ($2/+170)
Seven Runs ($2/+250)

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