Sixers’ Jimmy Butler (right) and Raptors’ Kyle Lowry battle for a loose ball in Game 4 on May 5 (Chris Szagola)
Sixers’ Jimmy Butler (right) and Raptors’ Kyle Lowry battle for a loose ball in Game 4 on May 5 (Chris Szagola)|Associated Press

BoopSTATS Tuesday: Playing Catch-up with Broad Street Run Day

Bob Vetrone

Bob Vetrone

We know the timeliness of this is a couple of days off, but we were busy over the weekend keeping the Charleston, S.C., bar/restaurant industry afloat. Not that it needs our help, but we do what we can for the fine men and women behind the bar in every region this country. . . Quckie Quiz/Single Digits won’t return until Wednesdsay; they missed their flight home and the pilot simply refused to go back for them . . .

Last Sunday marked just the sixth Broad Street Triple (Broad Street Run, Phillies home game and NBA/NHL home playoff game) in the race’s 40-year history. And had the Sixers beaten the Raptors (which they absolutely should have done), it would have been just the second of those days resulting in double wins (2004).

Here are those six dates:


MAY 5, 1985
Phillies lost to Astros, 4-3
Sixers beat Bucks, 121-112

MAY 2, 1999
Philles beat Dodgers, 12-3
Flyers lost to Maple Leafs, 1-0

MAY 6, 2001
Phillies beat Giants, 10-8
Sixers lost to Raptors, 96-93

MAY 2, 2004
Phillies beat Diamondbacks, 6-5 (14)
Flyers beat Maple Leafs, 7-2

MAY 1, 2005
Phillies beat Marlins, 8-6
Sixers lost to Pistons, 97-92 (ot)

MAY 5, 2019
Phillies beat Nationals, 7-1
Sixers lost to Raptors, 101-96

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>>> At least the South Philly baseball team contined their sustained BSR success. Since 1989, the Phillies are now 14-2 (four straight wins) when they play a home game on the day of the Broad Street Run. They are outscoring teams 100-74 in those 16 games, which includes a 14-2 loss to the Marlins in 2013 (making it 98-60 in the other 15 games).

By the way, the Phils were 3-6 on BSR Day from 1980-1988.

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>>> Sunday also marked the fourth Broad Street Run Day in which the Sixers or Flyers hosted a postseason game against an opponent from Toronto (1999, 2001, 2004).

However, the Blue Jays have never been the Phillies opponent on a BSR Day.

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>>> The Sixers are now 2-3 on BSR Days (regardless of whether the Phillies play at home that day of not). The Flyers are 3-2.

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