Phillies shortstop Jean Segura triples against the Marlins on  April 28 (Matt Slocum)
Phillies shortstop Jean Segura triples against the Marlins on April 28 (Matt Slocum)|Associated Press

Monday Quickie Quiz & Single Digits: Bryce Harper, Jean Segura and apologies to Kevin Millwood

Bob Vetrone

Bob Vetrone


>>> Seven years ago Sunday (April 28), Bryce Harper made his major league debut at the age of 19 years, 195 days . . . Who is the only Phillie in the Divisional Era (1969-2019) to make his MLB debut at a younger age?

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>>> Phillies shortstop Jean Segura shook off a scary HBP Saturday and rebounded with three hits Sunday. That gives him this April 2019 slash line (with one game left in the month):

.367 / .424 / .550

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>>> Here are some Phillies’ won-lost records through Sunday:

12-6 . . . Segura starts
4-6 . . . Segura does not start

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>>> The Marlins are out-hitting the Phillies by 56-38 over their last six meetings at Citizens Bank Park, but are being out-scored by 31-23 and have won just twice.

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>>> At 1:56 p.m. Friday, we had an electronic request asking if we had a list of the Phillies game results for every Phanatic Birthday Party the team has held. After a few minutes, we realized that list probably did not exist, but we would be able to throw it together using old Phillies Media guides and

Turns out the Phillies have a great record in those games (30-11 after Sunday’s win).

So, we dug deeper and tried to grab a Phillies highlight from each game, using (as we usually do) and browsing through the Phillies’ batting portion of each box score for one quick offensive note from that game. We stumbled across one or two pitching and fielding feats along the line, but missed a biggie:

Kevin Millwood’s no-hitter on April 27, 2003.

Somehow, even though we logged every line score for those 40 games in an Excel program (see our SUNDAY PHILLY PROPS for the result of that), we missed one of our favorite historic feats.

Our apologies to Millwood and Mike Lieberthal, his battery mate that day, for missing that.

I blame it on all the cake.

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>>> On April 13, 1973, Larry Christenson made his MLB debut for the Phillies at the age of 19 years, 154 days. He allowed five hits in a 7-1 complete-game victory over the Mets at Veterans Stadium.

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