Kevin De Bruyne is back for the Premier League's Manchester City.
Kevin De Bruyne is back for the Premier League's Manchester City.@ManCity on X

Two Amazing Strategies for Sports Betting

Our focus will be on the Premier League, and only two strategies in this piece, we’ve opted for quality over quantity. But trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Ever since the invention of sports, people have been betting on the outcomes. The Ancient Greeks enjoyed a wager on the Olympics, the Romans too liked to place bets on their favourite Gladiators so it’s fair to say that our modern fascination with sports betting is nothing new.

Since the decision by the Supreme Court in the US to strike down the legislation on PASPA, more and more individual states have been legalising online and offline sports betting. That’s opened a huge market for sports betting on the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB but England’s Premier League still leads the way when it comes to global betting.

In this article we look at some of the best strategies for sports betting that you can start using right away to increase your chances of winning money. As England’s top flight is the most popular with sports bettors we’ll look at it through the prism of Premier League betting.

Whilst our focus will be on the Premier League, contained below are two strategies that are perfectly transferrable to other leagues and other sports.

Readers used to the “5 Winning Poker Strategies” or “10 Hacks for NFL Betting” type of articles might feel short-changed that we’ve only covered 2 strategies in this piece but we’ve opted for quality over quantity, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed once you’ve read them.

Build Your Bet

At the time of writing Arsenal have just beaten West Ham 6-0 at the Olympic Stadium in the Premier League. That win was their fourth in a row in the league in a period in which they have scored 16 goals to their oppositions 2.

Conversely their next opponents in the league Burnley have lost 4 and drawn 2 of their last six, conceding 14 and scoring just 7. In truth though that could be considered a good run of form for Vincent Kompany’s Clarets considering they currently sit second bottom with 3 wins from their 24 games thus far.

Why do we tell you all this? Well, to ram home the point that betting on Arsenal to beat Burnley at the weekend would be almost purposeless. The Gunners are 3/10 favourites for this game meaning you’d have to wager £10 to win just £3.

Some might see this as easy money, but there is a way to maximise your winnings without really increasing your liability and that’s by building your bet and here’s how we would do it. We know that Arsenal have scored a lot of goals from set-pieces this season, in particular corners.

With that in mind we’d create an accumulator where we didn’t only bet on Arsenal to win, but we backed them to have over 5.5 corners and have the most corners out of the 2 sides – a very reasonable prediction.

Finally bearing in mind Arsenal’s propensity to score goals of late and Burnley’s somewhat porous defence, we’d add into our wager a bet for there to be over 2.5 goals. That combination of bets would change the odds to 19/10, meaning our £10 wager would now stand to earn us £19.

Our liability has not really been increased as all of the outcomes we have bet on are logical and likely, but the odds have increased and thus our potential winnings. Now this isn’t always a guaranteed strategy of course as football can be a chaotic game, but if you employ this strategy in the long run you’ll start to win a lot more money.

Clever Accumulators

The accumulator. It is the Holy Grail of sports betting but for the bookmakers themselves, accumulators are their golden ticket. Its guaranteed money as less than 1% ever come off because sports betters get carried away and bet on the wildest of outcomes.

Fear not though, there is a way to win more than you lose when it comes to accumulators and not fall into the same trap as the mindless masses. When you read the word accumulator you probably start thinking of a 15 team sprawling bet that encompasses every major and minor league in Europe.

We want you to get that idea out of your mind and instead start thinking about your accumulators logically. For that we’ll have to expand our horizons out of the Premier League momentarily and look to other leagues.

Again, we’ll use the example of the upcoming week to build an accumulator bet that has minimal liability and maximum opportunity. That bet includes Arsenal to beat Burnley at Turf Moor, Leicester to beat Sheffield Wednesday at the King Power, Portsmouth to beat Cambridge at Fratton Park and Wrexham to beat second-bottom Sutton on their travels.

Those games all involve a form side to the top of the division taking on a team out of home towards the bottom of the division. Bet £10 on that and you’ll win a cool £31.14 if everything comes in your way. Again it’s not guaranteed but it’s certainly a lot more likely to come in then a mindless 10 team accumulator.

There you have it, our two best strategies to maximise your sports betting winnings. If you try them out be sure to come back and let us know in the comments sections how they worked out for you.

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