Jalen Hurts warming up before Last week's 49ers game.
Jalen Hurts warming up before Last week's 49ers game. @Eagles on Twitter

Former Eagle Garry Cobb picks Philadelphia to have big 2022 NFL season, and Dallas to sputter

Cobb, the current Fox 29 analyst, thinks the Eagles might poised to soar high in the NFC East

There are a lot of people who think the Philadelphia Eagles could build off a surprising 2021 National Football League playoff campaign this season.

Count former Eagle, and current FOX 29 analyst, Garry Cobb among them.

Cobb, who gave an exclusive interview last week to OnlineCasino.ca, thinks the Eagles can soar even higher in 2022

"I definitely think so," Cobb said in an exclusive interview with OnlineCasino.ca "I have been out there at practice pretty much every day and I see a team that is ready to take a step up. They have added some key players on offense and the defensive side of the ball. James Bradbury, they were able to get him in from the Giants at cornerback. They already have a top level cornerback in Darius Slay, so they have two Pro Bowl-level cornerbacks. They brought in Hasson Reddick, pass-rushing linebacker, so he is going to be able to help them get pressure on the quarterback.

"If you can defend the pass – as I have said often, this is a passing league –I think they are going to shock some people. Jalen Hurts, he is fired up. He has been looking great out there at practice. In his first preseason game, he was 6-for-6, and marched them all the way down the field for a touchdown.

"I think the Eagles are ready to shock some people, and I expect them to win the division. I think they are better than the Cowboys, but they are going to have to go out there and show everybody. They have added A.J. Brown, a top level receiver, to add to former Heisman Trophy winner DaVonte Smith as the other wide receiver. So Jalen Hurts has the weapons, and I think he has an outstanding offensive line: they can run the football, they can throw it, so I think they are going to be very disappointed if they don’t win the division and beat Dallas."

But that is not Cobb's only surprise in the NFC East: he thinks it will be Washington, and not Dallas, battling the Eagles for top spot.

"I respect Washington," Cobb said. "I do not respect the Giants. I don’t think they have a clue up there. I don’t expect anything from them. But the whole thing with Washington is, can Carson Wentz take care of the football, meaning not turning the ball over? He can’t try to be a hero: he has got to take care of the ball. If there is a play there to be made, then fine, Carson, go after it. But if you can see the play has started off and it is going bad, then throw the ball away and wait for the next play.

"I think their (Washington) defense is going to be better than they were last year. I think we are going to see the same defense we saw a couple years ago, because they have a lot of quality players. They have all those first round picks on the defensive line. I think the Commanders are going to be the team to compete with the Eagles, even more than the Cowboys. I think the Cowboys are going to fall off, and I expect the Commanders and Eagles to battle for the division. It is going to come down to Carson Wentz, and whether he can take care of the football. We will see what Carson shows up to play, but I think they are capable of giving the Eagles a battle for the division."

So the big question then becomes, can Philadelphia make that big jump up to compete with the Rams, the Buccaneers, and the Packers for NFC supremacy? Cobb thinks it could happen.

"Now, the NFC, when you look, that is why people say the AFC is so much better right now," Cobb said. "You look over at the NFC, I think Philadelphia is going to be a good football team. I see the Packers in the North, but I am not afraid of the Bears, Vikings, or Lions. That division is horrible. You look at the NFC South, the Falcons are hurting, Carolina, they don’t know who is going to play quarterback there. The Saints might be a good team, and then you have the Bucs.

"In the West, the Cardinals are decent, but I don’t think they can win a championship. The Rams are going to be in the hunt. San Francisco, I am sorry, Trey Lance hasn’t shown us anything yet.

"So I think the Eagles are going to be able to make some noise, because there are not a lot of great teams in the NFC. You have the Bucs and Rams: they are the two teams that are sure. I don’t think you can say any of the other teams are sure, quality teams – even the Packers, because Davante Adams is not there anymore. I don’t see how they let him go, and Green Bay might not be the same team we saw for years.

"I think the Eagles have a chance to make some noise, but you have to say the Rams are the favorites."

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