Thursday MLB Strikeout Prop Bets: Krothers picks Adbert Alzolay, Trevor Bauer, Kyle Gibson
Cubs pitcher Adbert Alzolay. Remember the name. He's going to win you money.@adbert29 on Twitter

Thursday MLB Strikeout Prop Bets: Krothers picks Adbert Alzolay, Trevor Bauer, Kyle Gibson

Cubs @ Braves, 7:20 pm ET, Dodgers @ Brewers, 7:40 pm ET, Red Sox @ Rangers, 8:05 pm ET.

Someone up in MLB HQ has decided that small ball > home runs and I’m hating it. The extra inning rule whereby a player starts on second not only forces small ball, but also screws up how managers use their closers. Do you want your best guy on the mound in the 9th with the score tied or hold him out until there is a runner on second? Should teams look for groundball pitchers to start the 10th? I have yet to find a fan who likes this. Rant over.

Back to what I love to bet on – the strikeouts. Because there are too darn many of them. Here’s what I’m cooking today…

Cubs @ Braves, 7:20 pm ET

Who is Adbert Alzolay? I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know him - he’s a great young arm the Cubs signed from Venezuela. It looks like the Cubs are easing him into the starting role by limiting his innings, but if he keeps striking out 6-7 people in ~5 innings I’m good with that. FanDuel has the line at 5.5 and I’ll take the over at -106.

Dodgers @ Brewers, 7:40 pm ET

When Trevor Bauer pitches, I watch. Why? Yes, one reason is that he’s one of the greatest out there with great K stuff, but the real reason is that I’ve had him on my fantasy baseball team 3 seasons running. He gives me all the stats I need to come in second place. He’s been striking out 9-10 people a game this season and I’m loving it. FanDuel is reaching by setting the line at 9.5, but lucky for us BetMGM has the line set at 8.5 - much more reasonable. I’ll take the over 8.5 at -125.

Red Sox @ Rangers, 8:05 pm ET

I’ll say at the outset this pick is a bit of a stretch. Kyle Gibson, starting tonight for Texas, isn’t someone I usually pick to go over. Tonight I think he’s going to have a strong night against a Boston team that doesn’t match up well against his stuff. Earlier in the season he shut down a much better hitting team in the Blue Jays (going 6 and striking out 8) and I’m betting this is the type of line we see tonight. The best line I’m seeing is from Pinnacle with a +117 for over 5.5 and I’m taking it.

Come back again — same bat-channel — Batman out!

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