Two late Horse racing picks for the Saturday Santa Anita Stakes races
Swiss Skydiver, winning the Alabama last August. Mike Dennis doesn't like her today.NYRA

Two late Horse racing picks for the Saturday Santa Anita Stakes races

Post time is 6:45 pm EST for the San Simeon Stakes.




Notes & Santa Anita Picks

After a straight up ass kicking yesterday my mental game took a beating. We all have been there, a rough day at the office which goes two ways in my book. Handicapping was on point and you missed because of bad trips or simply put, you sucked. My handicapping yesterday was complete garbage, and it is either cry like a baby about it or move onward. Below are two notes to review, which were mainly typed up to remind myself.

Note 1 – Stick to what you are good at playing and avoid what you are not. For my game is it to avoid win bets in maiden races, simple as that. Cheaper claimers do not bother me as much because you can usually find a little form or a pace advantage. Nothing is wrong with betting maiden races and an easy tool to use is DRF Formulator to dive into sire and dam stats or a bunch of other things. Big picture though if I can dive into all the stats in the world, watch a million replays it will not change what my betting results say. You might be the bomb at betting maidens and if so, I encourage you 100% to do you and stick to it! You can get a good start on winning the long-term battle by avoiding what you suck at.

Note 2 – Looking at the card as a whole is something, I want to start using the Zen practice to do. Often my mind focuses in on sequences right away, instead of that approach my switch up will be to meditate while staring at the whole card for two minutes. Breathe and accept that you cannot bet maiden races because you lose you ass. Besides that, just stick to the fucking plan man, for me it is picking 3 winners a card and not to waste money betting for the hell of it. Discipline = profit, = more weed I can buy.

A few horses to look into at Santa Anita today. Do your homework and if you want to share any hot tips feel free to tweet @blinkersoff420 & @bettorsinsider

Race 7 – Turf – 6 Furlongs - The San Simeon, G3, $100k – 4 YO ^

We will need some kick ass pace to set up for #2, Gregorian Chant (GB) to come flying home under a ride from JJ Hernandez. The trip will have to workout and based on other horses in the race and the quarters and halves produced on the clock we might be able to get the needed pace. At 7/2 worth a shot.

Race 8 – 1 Mile – The Beholder Mile, G1, $300k – F & M – 4 YO ^

If you want to load up on Swiss Skydiver then do your thing, but my loot will be on #3, Harvest Moon. If she is 5-2 the loot train will be rolling in even more. What will Prat’s tactics be with plenty of speed in the race? My take is he knows what he will do and like he has been position his horse in the best possible spot to win the race.

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