Online casino options to comply with the new German gaming legislation

For online gambling to be sanctioned by the German government, the Interstate Gambling Treaty (GlüSTV) must be adhered to by all federal states.

For online gambling to be sanctioned by the German government, the Interstate Gambling Treaty (GlüSTV) must be adhered to by all federal states. Numerous additional restrictions now control the extent to which some forms of gambling, such as online gambling, casino gambling, and slot machine gambling, can be legally conducted. The project seeks to achieve several goals, including the protection of children, the elimination of fraud, and the reduction of addiction to gambling.

The development of mobile applications is a prerequisite for gambling companies in Germany before launching their online casinos or poker rooms on the German market. The following are some characteristics of successful virtual gambling enterprises, as well as the steps that need to be taken to adopt them following the rules now in place.

A primary method of operation and navigation within the application

If there are a lot of different options available to the user, then the user interface of the application is not considered to be very simple. Some people who utilise applications with strict requirements delete them. Applications that do not have interfaces that are straightforward run the risk of having fewer users. This suggests that account balances, games, and essential obligations such as topping up or claiming credit are readily available to users like what is offered by wildz casino.

For clients to use GlüSTV, they need uncomplicated access to relevant financial information. At any time of the day or night, the player ought to be able to see their account information, which includes their gaming logs, recent charges, and current balance, among other things. Every instruction must be communicated straightforwardly. Customers who are not familiar with the game rules will not be at risk of losing money if the rules are given in a manner that is crystal clear and does not leave any room for interpretation.

Payment options

There is a wide range of monetary compensation options available, presented in a variety of formats. The mobile casino programs you use should support various payment methods. Consumers in Germany should, in principle, be able to make use of all of the primary online payment methods, such as PayPal, credit cards, and wire transfers. It is critical to expedite payments to contest winners to avoid giving them the impression that they have been tricked or mistreated in any way.

It is critical to engage in financial transactions with and from the customer base. The most substantial problems and income losses are caused by functional failures that initially appear to be of no consequence. Developers must test payments on all available devices and operating systems to ensure they do not lose clients due to improper functionality.

Safe interface

Customers who use online casinos want reassurance that their payments and any winnings they might receive will be kept safe. They are worried about the safety of their personal information, mainly the information related to their finances.

It is unacceptable for a game to put players in the position of inadvertently losing money due to unsafe gameplay. GlüSTV users must authenticate themselves before the beginning of any games or rounds. This is done to ensure that a high level of security is always maintained. Before starting a game, this may involve prompts asking for a "yes" or "no" response to a question on whether or not to continue.

Advantages that come with membership

To be successful, online casino facilities need to do everything they can to keep their existing customers. Within a year, gamblers will transfer sites 96% of the time, with 20% of those customers switching more frequently (every three to five months).

The possibility that users will use a particular piece of software increases when they are presented with enticing opportunities, such as unrestricted usage of a virtual machine or complimentary turns on a slot machine. People expelled from gambling websites in the past should not be eligible for extra incentives.

The application makes use of 3D design.

People who gamble in brick-and-mortar casinos and those who play in online casinos have aesthetic preferences that are strikingly similar. It is highly recommended to use 3D design to create a casino-like experience that is both realistic and enjoyable. This type of experience can be made by using virtual reality technology. Because animations are so common, performance monitoring is necessary, especially on devices that are getting increasingly sophisticated. Outside of Germany, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat are all played using dealer simulations that are rendered in 3D and virtual reality, and augmented reality. There are no live dealer table options available through the GlüSTV network.

Effective and friendly service to customers

It is possible to gauge the dependability of an online casino by observing whether or not there are any technological troubles. If a customer is worried about losing money due to an error, they need to have a rapid way to get in touch with someone who can help them if they run into problems. Any good online casino should provide round-the-clock customer assistance through multiple channels, including phone, email, and an online contact form. Chatbots are quickly becoming the most popular form of the host at online casinos.

Applications that are available in a variety of languages

The best casino software should have games that can be played in various languages. This is one of the defining characteristics of the best casino software. Adding support for languages other than the two most prevalent ones can expand the user base of a program beyond the two most common ones (English and German).

Texts that have not been translated accurately, particularly those that contain grammatical errors and terminology that is not appropriate, are an indication of unprofessional behavior on the part of the translator. Because only native speakers can guarantee a thorough process of localization, the gambling industry has relied primarily on native speakers to fulfill the majority of its translation and localization needs. This is because only native speakers can guarantee a thorough process.


If gambling over the internet is determined to be legal in Germany, then more businesses will be interested in establishing themselves there, which will be beneficial for the industry as a whole. The recommendations mentioned above, designed to improve the overall user experience and ensure that gambling establishments comply with the law, must be followed by all gambling establishments. After an application has been developed with all of the necessary features, it needs to be tested with actual users so that developers can evaluate how well the application functions in the real world.

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