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Notable Online Casino Betting Techniques – Fibonacci, Martingale, Gambler’s Fallacy, Paroli

In this article, we will be identifying notable betting techniques and their shortcomings.

The fact that there are many betting strategies out there claiming they guarantee success and can beat casino odds may seem interesting and intriguing at first. The truth is that you cannot always beat the house. The house will always have an advantage whether you play at a live casino or online.

In this article, we will be identifying notable betting techniques and their shortcomings. It is expedient to note that people win at casino games while using these tactics, but their success is mostly due to chance rather than the betting strategy. You can try any of these technics at NZd National Casino.

Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci system is a betting technique that has existed since the 90s. This technique can be compared with Martingale except for something. This technique makes use of the algorithm below;

Fibonacci Algorithm: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34, etc.

With this strategy, a bet is equivalent to double the previous bet, and the player can keep up with this after losing, but after a win, move back two spots. For example, if you win $16, your next wager is $8. Using this strategy, the player can reclaim double of loss at a time this strategy ends when a player has recovered his loss.

Martingale System

This system is a specific gambling technique that is more than a gambling theory. This strategy works by multiplying every bet in one place by two till one finally wins. The premise is that you will eventually win and recoup all your losses with a profit equal to your initial bet.

For example, if you begin your bet with $8 and lose, your bet will increase to $16, while your next bet will be  $32, followed by $40. This pattern is repeated until you win. Assuming you win when your bet is $40 and the payout is 1:1, you will earn $80 after betting and the total will be $96 ($8 +16+32+40), earning $5 profit.

Gambler’s fallacy

Gambler’s fallacy was popularized in 1913 by monte Carlo casino, and it remains one of the prominent betting theories. This strategy believes that the more an event fails to occur, the more possible it will occur. This strategy is most applicable to blackjack.

Paroli system

The Paroli betting technique is separate from any of the preceding systems. The Paroli is meant to profit on hot streaks, resulting in short-term losses with the rare large victory. Players increase their stakes by a specified amount for a specified number of winning wagers. A 1-2-3-6 sequence, for example, might be employed.

Players should only put even-money bets (those that pay out 1:1) and go through the system after winning. The system resets if a loss occurs. If the player wins four consecutive bets, they keep the money and resume the system. The Paroli system produces the following results:

One or two bets are lost: 1 credit default

Lose three or four bets: break even

12 if you win all four bets

To make this Paroli progression work, a player must win four consecutive bets before suffering 12 one-credit losses. This is not true mathematically. The actual calculations depend on the game odds. Still, an even-money wager in European roulette (red/black, even/odd, high/low) would result in a 12:1 winning sequence for every 13.6 single credit losses.


These are mainly four major betting techniques. Every casino game has an odd, and adjusting how you bet on these games will not change the final result.  The greatest betting technique is to be well-versed in the odds, game rules, and payout ratios of every gambling game you play.

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